Avery White Security Labels tamper proof / Pack of 540

When you are in business the last thing you need is to catch someone being underhand with your products for sale or office property. You can make sure your products are signed, sealed and delivered without the worry of them being tampered with. These Anti-Tamper Labels are great for securing expensive products and marking electronic equipment. If anyone did attempt to remove these secure labels they leave behind a printed message reading 'STOP'. It is then impossible for the labels to be reapplied so tampering is immediately obvious. What a great way to give you a little extra peace of mind.


  • Deter unwanted interference and protect your property
  • Any tampering is immediately obvious; the labels leave behind a printed message reading "STOP" when removed and cannot be re-applied
  • Ideal for sealing PC's, machines and electronic equipment, deterring intruders when used on doors, switches and containers and securing CD jewel cases for privacy
  • Oil and dirt resistant, splash proof, tear proof, and unaffected by temperature changes between - 20?C to + 80?C
  • Save time with FREE easy-to-use Avery templates and software for Microsoft Office

Avery White Security Labels tamper proof / Pack of 540

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