GBC (A4) LeatherGrain Report Covers Front PVC Clear and Back (White)

Arguably the most important page of any report - the one that clients see first, the one with great power to impress - is the cover. It protects your ideas, reflects your company's image and values and represents the 'gift wrapping' of all your effort. The wrong choice can signal insignificance and disaster. As the name suggests, LeatherGrain Covers evoke a hint of yesterday, evident in the leather-like grain and colour palette. It's the type of cover that exudes professional content without being pretentious or overbearing. Made from a high content wood pulp and recycled materials, these sturdy A4, 250g/m2 covers incorporate colour fastening features to ensure your documents stay looking pristine and fade little over time. Double-sided colouring allows for great flexibility when colour matching or contrasting. This applies to graphics and typefaces within the printed pages as well as binding elements such as spines, so you can customise your document finish to suit the subject matter and your chosen audience. LeatherGrain is available in a broad range of 14 colours - a testimony to its popularity and versatility. Choose from white, black, navy blue, royal blue, blue, sky blue, Wedgewood blue, red, dark red, burgundy, dark green, ivory, light grey and dark grey. Some colours are also available with the option of a pre-punched front window to show off your title page underneath - a professional touch particularly appropriate for financial, legal or corporate environments. LeatherGrain Covers offer a truly premium finish compatible with most binding styles: ClickBind, WireBind, CombBind and CoilBind. So you can produce stylish, professional documents time after time.


  • Clear PVC front covers 180 micron and white textured 'leather look' back covers 250gsm
  • Unpunched
  • Size: A4
  • Quantity 25 pairs

GBC (A4) LeatherGrain Report Covers Front PVC Clear and Back (White)

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