Magic Whiteboard: Plain White Magic Whiteboard - 25 Sheet Roll x A1

The original and best Magic Clearboard is the new clear & transparent version of Magic Whiteboard. Magic Clearboard ™ works is exactly the same way as Magic Whiteboard ™. Magic Clearboard ™ is highly erasable, reusable and sticks to any hard flat surface. Ideal for sticking to windows (write on it and you can see through the window), walls, doors, glass walls, interactive whiteboards

Create a whiteboard from a roll - anywhere, in seconds! Just like a traditional whiteboard it?s completely erasable, any ink will totally rub off, even if left for days, so you can reuse each sheet more than 20 times . This makes it ideal for general daily use and things like performance targets which need regular updating. Ink can easily rub off when sheets are folded or rolled.


  • The cheaper, less bulky & environmentally friendly alternative to flipchart pads...that's more convenient and portable than a whiteboard
  • Easy to store, portable & lightweight - perfect for use at home and in the office
  • 25 perforated sheets on a roll
  • Sticks to any hard, flat surface without drawing pins, tape or bluetac. It's magic!
  • Use with normal dry whiteboard markers, wipe clean & REUSE each sheet

Magic Whiteboard: Plain White Magic Whiteboard - 25 Sheet Roll x A1



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