Uni-Ball Signo UM-120SP Sparkling Gel Ink Rollerball Pens Line (1.0mm) Assorted

UM-120 Signo Sparkling 8 Piece Wallet - This super smooth and quick drying rollerball is a market leader and all-round favourite. So much so that smooth ink, colour variety and long-lasting performance have become synonymous with the Signo brand. This pack contains 8 sparkling colours - Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Violet, Pink. Gel Ink and Twin-Ball - Employing a water-based gel ink, Signo ensures constant ink flow without blurring or dripping. The twin-ball mechanism prevents excessive ink flow so when the Signo is positioned in a downward position, the ink flows smoothly from the ink flow channel. When the Signo is positioned in an upward position, the reverse flow prevention ball works to stop the flow of air into the ink. Gel ink writes smoothly and does not blur so when you start writing, the ball in the tip rotates to mix the viscous ink, causing it to thin. This allows the Signo to glide across the paper, providing very smooth writing. Once the ink touches the paper, it hardens quickly, returning to its previous state, meaning that you can write with lines that do not blur.


  • Gel ink rollerballs with vivid coloured ink that sparkle and shine with glitter fragments
  • Each pack contains eight different colour pens
  • Translucent barrel design
  • Lasting writing performance
  • One each of gold, silver, blue, green, orange, pink, red and violet
  • Pack of 8

Uni-Ball Signo UM-120SP Sparkling Gel Ink Rollerball Pens Line (1.0mm) Assorted

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