Uni Posca PC-8K Paint Marker Broad Chisel Tip Line Width (8mm) / Pack of 1

POSCA PC-8K - These markers have a large chisel shaped fibre tip making them ideal for filling in background colours or working on large scale art like wall murals or urban art. Posca writes on virtually any surface; metal, wood, canvas, plastic, fabric, etc, and will not 'bleed through' paper. POSCA markers use water-based pigment ink to produce poster-paint-like vibrant colours. Posca is easily removed from glass, making it ideal for temporary signs and window art. Once dry, you can easily layer over the top to build your design and correct any errors. Alcohol free, solvent free.


  • Efficient: it quickly covers large surfaces
  • Smart: the chisel tip produces refined and controlled lines
  • Economical: tips are replaceable for prolonged life of the marker
  • Slick: the tip is removable and can be rinsed with water
  • Ecological: manufactured from 47% of recycled materials
  • Artists to draw and paint on any indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Interior design amateurs to refresh a space, a piece of furniture or to customise objects and fabrics
  • Surfers and skaters to personalise their boards
  • Professionals to write and make signs or flat-tints on windows
  • Colour: Black / Blue / Gold / Silver / White / Yellow

Uni Posca PC-8K Paint Marker Broad Chisel Tip Line Width (8mm) / Pack of 1

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